There are millions of games in the Internet, and this number is constantly growing. And if you are an ardent gamer, there is almost nothing that can surprise you. When you get an easy arcade, you may be bewildered at this fact, but later everything gets more and more complicated, and you get more than you expected. Octogeddon is one of nice examples of simple arcades, and it will attract you more, if you spend a couple of hours in it. The most interesting thing about it is the ability to discover new cool features, and elements. For instance, at first your octopus is rather weak and powerless, because he has got only two tentacles, but you can help him become stronger and gain more tentacles. The same way things work with weapon and other useful items.

But your character can’t be called a hero, because he is more like anti-hero. While other games are concerned more with the process of creation, here everything is opposite. You need to destroy everything that you see, and even more. There will be a super goal that you have to complete, but numerous enemies will try to do anything to prevent you completing your mission. Your octopus can be moved either clockwise, or counter-clockwise, and the very moment you understand how this thing works, you will see that this arcade is simple, but very appealing.

There are no corners in the ocean, so enemies will attack you from every side, and you won’t be able to hide. After you complete certain task, you will get a reward. Extra tentacles that will soon become fierce weapon are a nice addition for your fearless shellfish. As you see, you need some strategy to make your attacks successfully. You haven’t got any lifesaving point, so if you die several times, you will have to start the game over. But don’t be upset: this will only make you stronger.