Octogeddon Game Play Online

Octogeddon is a new arcade game developed by George Fan. The main character is a frustrated octopus who decided to ruin the world in an attempt to take out on merciless people. Actually, in this way the game starts.


Features of the  gameplay

The gameplay is plain and simple. The graphics looks cartoonish and a bit floppy. The protagonist, the octopus, needs to have limbs and weapons that a player has to buy. Using the keyboard, the player uses the A or D keys to move the octopus right or left. The other way is to press the mouse buttons to make the hero move. When all the preparations is over and the octopus is equipped, our hero is ready to face enemies. You must act cautiously and be attentive, since rivals may attack at any time. If they blow your head off, the game finishes at once. While playing and moving further, the octopus becomes more powerful and gets more limbs and arms, though it does not mean that it is easier to play it – rivals multiply and become shrewder and more dexterous.

The game advantages

Bright scenes of ruination will make you feel as a war-god. It looks like a real apocalypse when cities and towns are smashed, defeated enemies are on knees begging for mercy. Yes, a new era of the octopus begins! Octogeddon means a lot for the main character, as it is his ultimate goal. While fulfilling this plan, the octopus will have a chance to fight with crafty bosses, which irritate the protagonist so much. Moreover, all these adventures come with bombastic music that makes the combats even more dramatic.

The other trait of the game is its humor. No doubts, you will be smiling or even burst out laughing, while passing the game levels. Sometimes it may seem that Octageddon is just full of hackneyed jokes, though there are some really killingly-funny moments. The most hilarious one is the protagonist’s anger management problem. The situation is stupid, as it is quite a rare mishap for octopuses! The other thing is the main hero’s reactions. He is, evidently, a vulnerable personality because he so easily gets offended and starts smashing everything and everyone. For example, when the octopus crashes cars in a fit of rage, the people scream and jump like hares. And it isreally funny!

Things to look out for

While playing Octogeddon you will be surprised to know what a wide range of weapons is available on further levels. They are so creative and undreamt-of. For example, passing the levels the protagonist can buy more limbs and more weapons respectively. There are different guns, missiles, short guns, and artillery, though the arms look odd enough: in the form of chicken with eggs, bees with stings, venomous snakes, penguins, large porcupines, snails or frogs, etc.

Octogeddon is a really engaging game as it helps you to master it from level to level. At first, the player is a novice that makes mistakes and has to restart the game repeatedly. Then he/she masters certain tactics and moves further, learning rivals’ behavior and coming round tracks. Final levels are more difficult to pass, as there are more enemies there and bosses get more agile and shrewd. And it may take much time to defeat all the foes if you are not a skillful player. On the other hand, it is for the benefit to restart the game and play it more because it helps you to become more proficient.

Overall, the game is worth playing. It seems to be simple, though it is not so. It is quite instructive for the youth, as Octogeddon teaches to be persistent, aim-oriented, and patient and never do things by halves. In the process of playing, the person will go through different hardships and experience ups and downs, moments of glory and triumph, as well as despair too. Try this game and delve into a completely different world of Octageddon!