Plants vs. Zombies 2018

Giant octopus is waiting for you to help him conquer the world! You can control this animal with just two buttons, but don’t think that this makes the game so easy. Its two tentacles can be rather clumsy, but you can upgrade your monster, and make it almost invincible. Everything is relative, because you have to die a couple of times to succeed in this game. Get ready for inevitable, because you can’t find a single person, who managed to survive the entire game without dying at least once. There is a considerable number of lives, but if you lose the last one, you have to restart from the very beginning.

The action takes place in the ocean, where octopuses live, but later your character is moving towards the USA, and the rest of the world can’t feel safe with such invader. But what made this creature become so dangerous? The beginning of the game will explain everything, and you will feel pity for the octopus, and want to help him in every step. If you hate violence, this game will work with you, because every death on the screen isn’t that realistic or bloody. So, it may be played by adults alongside with small kids, opening the exciting world for everyone. Let all the enemies be destroyed, and justice set on the planet!