Octogeddon turns to be a real surprise for fans, as it captivates from the first moments. The game developers, George Fan and PopCap, are internationally famous, owing to their first ‘brainchild’ – Plants Vs Zombies that lifted a level of the game world in 2009.

Octogeddon is a new story of an offended octopus craving to destroy the whole world in a fit of anger. He seems to be cute and funny, though it is quite deceiving. At first, the player needs to equip the protagonist with appropriate weapons. Then the octopus is ready to give battle all the rivals. Being quite an unordinary character, the octopus considers everyone hostile; consequently, he crashes and destroys everything on his way. Big cities with historical monuments are nothing for him; wrath makes him crazy and do stupid things.

Progressing further, the player will see that the game Octogeddon is about apocalypse and the octopus is an ill-natured creature. Despite cartoonish graphics and funny moments within the game, nothing is as cute as it might seem before.

Speaking about hilarious moments, there are funny scenes that, no doubts, make you smile or even burst out laughing. For example, the brightest one takes place in a city, where the crazy octopus crashes cars with citizens; they jump and run away. The other situation is connected with poor people again. This time they jump out of buildings and cry. Everything has been created in such a comic way that it is hard to be serious while passing the game levels. Moreover, the developers decided to use dramatic melodies to underline amusing and even absurd events within the game. It makes Octogeddon even more appealing for players.

The gameplay is rather simple – even a child can manage it. Press the keys A and D (or the mouse buttons) and the hero takes on life, moves and wiggles tentacles right and left. At first, the game is simple, though moving further the player will face more rivals and challenges.