Octogeddon PC

Just imagine for a moment that out of sudden you turned to an octopus. What is your next step? “Hmm… Very strange”, you may think. If the similar question was put the octopus, his answer, no doubts, would be like: “Crash and kill! Kill them all!”. Actually, the game Octogeddon is about such a strange character that smashes everything on his way without any scruples. Once having witnessed the murder of his brethren, the protagonist decided to avenge oneself. In a fit of anger, he started colossal ruination and killing of people. That is how the story begins.

At first, the player has to buy limbs and weapons to make his hero even more malicious. After that, the octopus is ready to a combat. First levels seem to be simple, though progressing further the player understands that it is not the game for novices. If you make a mistake and is shot, the game finishes and you have to start it over and over again. However, such monotonous practice makes you a professional, irritating so much, and soon you will go through all the levels and defeat the abominable bosses and their henchmen.

As for the gameplay, it is easy as easy as shelling peas. The two keys on the keyboard (A and D) help the octopus to move left or right. Alternately, you can press the mouse buttons and rotate the hero and his limbs. As for the weapons, you will be surprised to know that it is rather extraordinary and diverse. You may choose bees, frogs, elephants, snails, etc. and they will act as rifles, shotguns or missiles in the octopus’s mission of total destruction. The list of possible belligerent animals is pretty long and possible combinations are practically unlimited. Therefore, you can pick what you like and practice it in fight.

The game is not only about killing and ruination; there are some funny moments too. When the octopus attacks cities, people often react very weird and it makes you laugh. They jump, run and shriek like crazy! Everything comes with dramatic music that makes the situation even more absurd and hilarious.

If you get bored of routine, try this game and your mood will get better. Become a gigantic frenzied monster and crash the planet! Have fun!