Octogeddon Hack

Are you afraid of octopuses? You should be! Because after meeting the main character of this game, you might not stay alive. The octopus hates people and thinks they’re too cruel to his species. That’s why he decides to revenge every human being on Earth and starts with New York. No, he doesn’t have a gun but he’s got dangerous tentacles and he’s gonna use them each time he sees an enemy. What’s more, you’ll be able to buy and add new strange claws to the monster’s body. The snake’s head will spit venom at your adversaries, while the crab’s claw will crush them. Just spin the octopus and point his tentacles at everything you need to destroy. At the end of the level you are to meet a boss and it won’t be a pleasant encounter. This creature is strong and cunning, so be very careful not to get caught. If you lose the game, you’ll have to restart the level. The octopus will visit other famous cities too. Would you like to watch how he destroys the Sydney’s Opera House or the Imperial Palace in Tokyo? Then make yourself comfortable and start playing this captivating arcade! Octogeddon is incredible!