Octogeddon Cheats

You gonna love this arcade! Its authors created a famous game Plants vs.Zombies, and if you’ve ever played it, you shouldn’t worry about the quality. Octogeddon offers you to become a mean octopus and enslave the humanity. Finally the world of nature will revenge on its abusers. Try to destroy submarines in the ocean, start small, so to say. Press the buttons ‘left’ and ‘right’ to make the octopus move. For each vessel which you destroy you’ll get a coin. Having collected enough money, you’ll be able to purchase new devices for the main character: a crab DNA or a snake’s bite. Using this weapon, you’ll kill more and more powerful enemies. Add new tentacles during the game and nobody will defeat you! Except for a boss, who will appear at the end of the level. If you lose the game, you’ll have to restart the level. But if you survive, you’ll get a prize and continue your adventures. The city of New York is waiting for you! People can use aviation, cars and nuclear power to protect their city, but your octopus is too strong merciless. Enemies will attack you from various sides, so be quick and use the right claw. For example, you’d better freeze the nuclear balloons before cracking them. Otherwise, you’ll be damaged and lose one life.

The mighty octopus wants to crush the Statue of Liberty and prove the citizens that they are helpless. Will he stop after finishing this bad affair? Probably not, his anger has no limits. What other crazy ideas will come to his mind? If you want to find out more, download the game and enjoy it immediately. It has got a great sense of humor, music and graphics, so you’ll spend your time with pleasure! Octogeddon is an arcade that will blow your mind!