Octogeddon Android APK

Don’t mess with the octopus because he’s very vulnerable and vindictive. In addition, he is the main character of this crazy arcade called Octogeddon. Your mission is to damage the cities and make people suffer. Yeah, that’s what will make the octopus happy! He leaves his cave and searches for trouble because he’s not afraid of anything. To control his moves you can press the buttons ‘left’ and ‘right’ or just click a mouse. Enemies will advance on you but stay cool and show them your super claws and tentacles! A coin will be your reward for every killed submarine or a rocket. Collect money to purchase new upgrades and apply them on the battlefield. But the goal of the game isn’t only fighting – the mean octopus is determined to ruin New York, Sydney, Tokyo and other well-known cities. Will he manage to realize his awful plan? Only if you help him!