Octogeddon 2018

Octogeddon is a new and long-awaited ‘brainchild’ of Plants vs Zombies team. It is a completely different story about an octopus and his wrath management problem. Being a vulnerable creature, the octopus decides to ruin the planet and kill everyone. Basically, that is a prehistory of Octogeddon. The game name is quite eloquent and it speaks for itself. Judging from the name, you may guess that it is not about loot search or car races.

At the first level, a player has to provide his character, the octopus, with limbs and all the necessary weapons. After all preparations are done, the belligerent octopus starts his war. It may seem that the game is pretty simple, though moving further the player will face difficulties and, it is highly likely, makes serious mistakes. Consequently, the game starts again from the very beginning. The player has to practice a bit to move further, defeat bosses, and other enemies successfully. It may take much time to master several levels, if you are a novice.

As for the arms, there are various types of rifles, missiles, and artillery, though they are in the forms of animals. Yes! Animalistic weaponry is a great surprise! Thus, elephants, frogs, snakes, snails, bees, etc. are at your disposal. Pick anything and try something new!

The gameplay is easy as ABC. You will need only two buttons of the mouse or just two keys A and D on the keyboard to awake the octopus, rotate his body and tentacles right or left. This gigantic creature will make you laugh when he attacks poor people in towns and cities. Despite dramatic events and colossal destruction on the planet topic, the game developers chose particular melodies to make the scenes look weird and absurd. Moreover, the octopus’s anger management problem is ridiculous itself, is not it? As for the graphics, it is cartoonish, childlike and a bit ‘loose’. The combination of music, graphics and situations makes the game Octogeddon funny and hysterical. Do not hesitate – delve into a completely another reality and try a new role of the bloodthirsty octopus!