Octogeddon 2

A wicked octopus decided to rule the world. One day he was watching a culinary show where people were cooking octopuses and that’s when he finally lost his temper. He thinks that the best defense is to attack first. So our villain sets off to New York in order to destroy the Statue of Liberty. He’ll meet a lot of obstacles on his way: planes, police, ships, rockets. The more enemies you defeat, the more coins you get. You can spend this money on upgrading and buy a couple of new poisonous tentacles for the character. Move the octopus and point his claws at the enemies. When you reach the end of the level you’ll have to do battle with a dangerous boss creature. The boss has a secret weapon, so beware of it and don’t get caught into a trap. This arcade is motivating because each time you go through a challenge, you get a prize. Do you want to find out what’s the use of a secret shell? Then fulfill the next mission and destroy the Sydney Opera House! That’s going to be an exciting adventure!