Gameplay Walkthrough

If you are an ardent fan of Plants vs. Zombies, you might still want to see something extraordinary, but in the similar style with new cool features? Octogeddon is a new cartoonish arcade, where you will meet cool character with unexpected adventures. A huge octopus is crazy, and he is about to destroy the whole world. You can control this animal, moving it to different sides, and you can use your keyboard for this. At first your character is rather simple, but you can add cool features, like extra parts of body or extremely damaging weapon. It would be funny, but rather dull, if there were no enemies, so here you will face numerous rivals, who will turn octopus’s life into a nightmare.

At first this arcade had a campaign mode, where gamer had to complete level by level, but now this mode isn’t available. The creator of the game believes that action should be the most important, so you will need to make some efforts to become the winner. This game is rather simple, because you don’t have to plan your own strategy, but you may die several times, before you will be able to complete the mission. There is one good thing in this process: you will learn more, and become stronger each time.

There are a couple of lives that you may spend on dying, but after you lose the last one, you have to restart the game from the very beginning. Losing your life is good from point of view of upgrades: every time you die, there is a chance for you to buy new cool features in the shop between the games. Your adventures start the very moment you load the game, but hey don’t end up even after your death. Take your fait into your hands, and see how your octopus is getting to the top, destructing everything he sees on his way.