Game Review: Octogeddon

How would you feel, if you understood that there isn’t anyone, who could support you? Little peaceful octopus from the Octogeddon has just realized that the world is so cruel, and everyone wants to hurt him. How can he handle this? This is unbearable, and he deals severely with injustice: he destroys cities and famous sights in them. The game is full of absurd humor, black and hilarious, but you will definitely like. Though you will be dealing with destruction and numerous enemies you have to kill, the game isn’t violent, and it doesn’t propagate murders. So, if you are concerned with moral sides of the game, then you may be pretty sure you won’t notice there any harmful scenes.

You have two buttons you can press anytime, and they make your character move in two directions. It may seem to be very easy to use this system of controlling, but you will see that it’s not so cool. You start the game in the ocean, and your octopus has just two tentacles. You can improve this state of things, when you get enough coin to modify your character. You can add extra tentacles to make it look more real and octopus-like, or take powerful weapon to destroy every city on your way – everything is possible. There will always be someone attacking you, but don’ even try to create a witty strategy – here they practically don’t work. One more thing you should think about is your defense, and there are a lot of items you can take advantage of. Check every weapon out, because every detail is well worth trying. There is also a lab, where you can apply different modifications, and experiment with DNA.